Our Story

It seems that we had been in the hospitality industry all of our lives. Don’t get us wrong, we loved it! But what do we love even more than being hospitable? We love helping others, being social and dogs. So we began to read what seems like a  million books on how incredible we are, how we needed to follow our dreams, make life posters, and believe it or not, about how people just were waiting to give us their money. We all know that is not true, but with a little hard work, creativity, and more importantly by providing great customer service, we are on our way.

Here we are today, writing stories, helping others with their personal brands, building a successful business and yes, walking dogs. We hope that you will give us the opportunity to assist you with your success story too!

Our Mission

Be Hip Marketing creates personal and corporate brand awareness for its clients through social media, education, events and community outreach.